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1st October 2016

Night at the Shard

What started out as a nice family evening dinner at the Shard became a photo-story on one of the most important men in my life, my father.

My Dad is a jolly, sweet man and the first thing you will probably notice about him is the constant smile on his face. My Dad is a role model to me in some ways because 1) he’s human but 2) being a young black woman, he’s one that remained dependable, constant and true to his kids and wife. His family.




Basically, my Dad gives me hope for my own future family. His provision for us all and how he is unashamed of his love for my Mum is a beautiful thing to witness.

Aside from that my Dad is always ‘swagged out’ when it comes to public appearances, hence the popped collar. I remember in primary school, a way I managed to get my parents to pay for the annual Year 6 outing was pointing out the Ted Baker suit my Dad bought on a sample sale. Years later he and my Mum were getting ready for a night out and there he was casually donning a Balmain suit, telling me “I’ve had this since before you were born!”

Whether in Ferragamo’s or fiercely rocking the Adidas kicks we’ve gifted him, he’s the same he’s always been. My Dad.




As for the Shard, we dined at Ting restaurant and according to the rest of my family. I had the best meal at the table, so if you find yourself dining there I would recommend the lamb for sure. Make sure to enjoy the food and the view.



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